About Us 

Welcome to Blandford Parish Church: The Church in the Market Place 
Blandford Parish Church is the jewel in the crown of the beautiful Georgian Market Town of Blandford Forum.  As the Church in the Market Place, we seek to offer a space for worship that is Anglican in tradition yet relaxed in feel. In our worship we aim to hold the best of the past in terms of liturgy & hymns, whilst embracing new songs, and opportunities to offer worship that is relevant, engaging and meaningful for those who come.
Blandford Parish Church: The Church in the Market Place. But what does this phrase mean to us? Well the Market Place is the meeting place, for young and old, rich and poor, it’s a place of encounter, conversation, busyness, a place where people are drawn not just to meet others but also to be resourced, food, clothes, books, news, medication and having gathered in the Market Place they return back to their primary communities ready to resource others. 
As The Church in the Market Place, we do not exist to simply be a tourist attraction, or a museum that celebrates the history of our great town, but rather we seek to be an authentic meeting a place in which the community feel that they belong to, a place that they can relate to, a place that is safe and familiar and a place that leads people to encountering the transforming love of God, through presence of Jesus, in the power of the Holy Spirit.
Our values reveal what is really important to us and how we live them out shapes other people experience and understanding of who we are. As the Church in the Market Place, we seek to be a place that:
Desires to grow and nurture an ‘Expectant Faith’ (John 14.12) that is confident that God is at work in us and through us. A faith that longs to see God’s power and presence break into our lives in new ways revealing His goodness, mercy, kindness, healing, grace, compassion and love. 
Desires to grow, nurture and demonstrate a ‘Joy-Filled Hope (Roms 15.13) that celebrates the amazing grace of God, demonstrated through the Cross of Christ, that becomes the very hope and foundation of our lives.  A hope that is unshakeable in an age of uncertainty, and one that paints a picture of a different future for our lives, and the life of our community.

We desire to live lives marked by ‘Generous Love’ (John 15.17) with outstretched arms that are willing to welcome every individual that we encounter.  We want to be known as a church with deep pockets that is willing to give generously, serves sacrificially and loves unconditionally, because we worship a God of abundance, ever mindful of the extraordinary grace that we have received from the One who is love.