Thought for the Day 

Our Thought for the Day on Facebook is currently suspended, please bear with us and keep an eye out for new online provision.  You can view past Thoughts for the Day from our congregations below. You can also download the Lectio 365 app for daily prayer and reflection to start each day, Find out more here .
View past videos below -

Those Unanswered Prayers
God vs Science from Ian Smith
Lockdown and Releases Shared by Rachel B
Thought for the Day with Music Shared by Paul H.
St David's Last Words brought by Anne Shire
When I say I am a Christian read by Sara Loch
How Do We Respond to Society shared by Anne Shire
What Easter Means to Me - an original poem by Ian Smith
A Termite, Elephant and Spaceman from Ian Smith
Trees in Winter Time from Rachel Baynes
Phone Call by Adrian Plass (brought by Debby Griffiths)
Poem for 2021 by Lewis Pearson
Teddies and a Rabbit? from Rachel Baynes
Thoughts on a Poem from Anne Shire
Psalm 121 with Rev. Karen Wilson
And Now For Something Completely Different from Dave Griffiths
God's Presence Going With Us from Rachel Baynes
The Journey - A Poem by Paul Hooke
The Holy Spirit is Not in Lockdown from Carolyn Telford
Reflections on a Favourite Story from Rachel Baynes
Winter Waiting from Bob Skinner 


Tina Stanley, 20/01/2021